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Asbestos Testing Fort WorthQuite often the role of an asbestos survey company is comparable to a guardian angel which takes special care in making their client's life safe.
The asbestos survey consultancy makes reports on the presence of asbestos and its scale in structures waiting to be modified or demolished with a view to keeping the air and environment toxic-free.

Who Should All Submit Asbestos Survey Report?

We at Precision Environmental Services have been serving clients for many years to follow the directions of the Texas Senate way back in 2001 that municipalities have to obtain an asbestos survey report before issuing permits for renovation and demolition of public and commercial buildings.
However, the law exempts residential properties renovating for non-commercial purposes.

Asbestos removal from old buildings is important as breaking those structures render asbestos particles flying in the air. Asbestos has been declared hazardous as an air pollutant for human health with its damaging potential to human lungs. As you are aware, in the US asbestos use has considerably declined but there are many old buildings that used it.

In the construction sector, asbestos is still a sought-after material. Properties of asbestos include high tensile strength, heat resistance, high flame retardant value, low chemical damage and great sound absorbing capacity. Composition wise asbestos is heavy in silicate minerals such as crocidolite, chrysotile, amosite, tremolite, actinolite, and anthophyllite. In the intact format, asbestos is no threat to health.

But when the structures are disturbed by way of renovation the free-floating asbestos fibers bypass the filtering property of human lungs and trigger many respiratory diseases including lung cancer. This explains why asbestos survey report is crucial in checking the damage coming from non- friable materials becoming friable during demolitions.

How Asbestos management works
The services of Precision Environmental Services are impeccable at the customer relations front. We move into action to make the asbestos survey report as soon as the building information from a potential client is received with the with cost details. Our inspector will visit the building site to do a survey. One of his main tasks is collecting building material samples and sending testing to a reliable third party laboratory.

Three homogeneous samples of the building material that will be disturbed, will be lifted for testing. They must be of similar color, texture, and type. In the lab, the samples will be subjected to Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM) and the results will be communicated to the client via email. In case, the test confirms the presence of asbestos the client must leave the material undisturbed and look for a professional to remove it. To remove asbestos, you can hire a licensed abatement contractor.

Asbestos Abatement

As soon as client finalizes a contractor, we at Precision Environmental Services will provide project specifications to the contractor for helping to execute the asbestos removal successfully. In the meantime, Precision also undertakes air quality monitoring in the pre and post asbestos removal phases.
Once the asbestos abatement contractor removes all the asbestos infected materials, Precision will do the final testing for giving the clearance that full mitigation has been achieved. After the final clearance samples are passed by the lab, the contractor can dismantle the containment.
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